PAT Testing

Electrical Tests

Electrical testing of portable equipment will involve the following:

  • (i) Earth bond continuity tests
  • (ii) Insulation resistance testing
  • (iii) Functional checks

(a) Earth Bond test (Class 1 equipment only)

Readings should show less than 0.1+R Ohms (where R is the resistance of the lead) Tested at a current of 1.5 times the rating of the fuse and no greater than 25A for a period of between 5 and 20 seconds or with a short-cicuit test current within the range 20Ma to 200Ma.

(b) Insulation resistance test:

The applied test voltage should be approximately 500 Vdc

  • Class 1 heating equipment < 3kW 0.3M Ohms
  • Class 1 All other equipment 1M Ohms
  • Class 2 Equipment 2M Ohms
  • Class 3 Equipment 250k Ohms

(c) Optional tests:

Flash test: No flashover or breakdown shall occur.

Operation/Load test: compare reading with stated details on nameplate.

Earth leakage test:

  • Class 1 Handheld appliances 0.75mA
  • Other Class 1 appliances 3.5mA
  • Class 2 appliances 0.25mA

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