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Access Control

Access control is an important part of security these days, many thefts are from walk-ins during the day and often unchallenged. We have seen many situationslike this over the years. Computers, flat screen monitors, laptops, etc. all go with ease! Not to mention the possibility of company documents and secure information.

The solution is to fit Access Control, we can fit a simple low cost digi pad to any door to allow access via a PIN, or a PC based system with proximity tags and full log data control and controlled access times and zones. Let us design a system for you.

In order to maintain the access control system and associated alarm detection and remote signalling equipment, two preventative maintenance visits will be scheduled per annum. The scheduled visits will be in accordance with the Security Systems and Inspections Board (SSAIB) codes of practice for access control systems. Items included withinthe inspection will also take into account compliance regulations and relevant British Standards. Relevant British Standards include BS7799 and BS EN 50133. The Disability and Discrimination Act 1995 will be taken into account in system design.